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Paper Tableware

---> more than 20 colors to choose from


Paper Tableware<br>50 - Lunch Napkins
Paper Tableware
50 - Dessert Napkins

3plybevnap20Regular price: $4.99Sale price: $2.49Colors: 
Paper Tableware
50 - Lunch Napkins

3plylunnap20Regular price: $5.99Sale price: $3.49Colors: 
Paper Tableware
24 - Paper Plates, 7"

plates76Regular price: $4.99Sale price: $2.49Colors: 
Paper Tableware<br>Paper Table Cover, 54"x108"
Paper Tableware
24 - Paper Plates, 9"

plates97Regular price: $6.99Sale price: $2.99Colors: 
Paper Tableware
24 - Cups, 9oz.(Hot/Cold)

cups9oz3Regular price: $4.99Sale price: $2.99Colors: 
Paper Tableware
Paper Table Cover, 54"x108"

3plytab54Regular price: $5.99Sale price: $2.99Colors: 
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Plastic Table Skirt (14' X 29")

task1x291Regular price: $8.99Sale price: $6.99Colors: 
Plastic Tableware
24 - Plastic Cutlery

plasfor24Regular price: $3.99Sale price: $2.99Type:  Colors: 

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