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Luau Scene Setters


Luau Party Sceen Setter
Luau<br>Palm Tree <br>2 (33" W X 65" H)
Luau Party Sceen Setter

2 Room ROlls 4'X12'
4 Add On 33" X 65"
patrrostRegular price: $29.99Sale price: $19.99
Tropical Getaway Sceen Setter

2 Rolls 4'X 12'
4 add-on 33" X 65"
672118Regular price: $29.99Sale price: $19.99
Palm Tree
2 (33" W X 65" H)

672112Regular price: $9.99Sale price: $6.99
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Sunkin Tiki
2 (37"X61")

672995Regular price: $8.99Sale price: $4.99
Under water sign

670224Regular price: $8.99Sale price: $4.99
Window Prop
One 5' X 3'

672114Regular price: $8.99Sale price: $4.99
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Luau Dancers

672115Regular price: $8.99Sale price: $4.99

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